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Full Potential of AI

Pushing the limits of Artificial Intelligence
so clear the hurdles at every stage
of success

Core Value

Excellence and Execution
“The good is the enemy of the great.”
We constantly put all our effort into giving out the best as we could. We make our ingenious ideas happen through consistent meetings and exchanging opinions to draw out the best outcomes.
Challenge Spirit
We’d rather take our chances than the easy way out.
Never define a limit when it comes to carving out a new path. We are willing to take risks to grow further.
Work Ethics
Honesty and morality are what we are seeking for.
Controversies have always been raised over development and application of AI/ML, which is why safety and accuracy are emphasized in our technology. We make sure to keep our integrity no matter what to provide reliable and safe technology.
Customers should be able to select and leverage the technologies they need through easy access to information.
We put transparency first when it comes to providing information and services.
Customer centered
We aim to provide the best solution for customers.
We prioritize customer voices and figure out what the needs are in them. Gather up the expertise of each position to come up with innovative solutions.

Our History

  • 2022
    • Mar
      • Exclusive participation in HIMSS2022
    • Apr
      • Final approval of the clinical trial plan by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for VitalCare
  • 2021
    • Jan
      • Joint research agreement with Seoul Asan Hospital
    • Apr
      • Selected as a task for the Ministry of Health and Welfare to develop an AI analysis solution for cancer based on digital pathology
      • Co-Sell Collaboration in Microsoft Azure Marketplace
    • June
      • Ewha Womans University signed a contract for joint development of animuscure new drugs
    • Dec
      • Bridge 1st round of attracting 3.5 billion won
  • 2020
    • Jan
      • USD 8M Series-A funding raised
    • May
      • Selected as the final companies in the Seoul VC Connect program
      • Selected as a global ICT future unicorn company (ICT GROWTH) by the Ministry of Science and ICT
      • Selected as Final Company for Microsoft Startup Program
      • Acquired Medical Device KGMP certification
    • June
      • Selected as an Innovative Company in the Bio/Untact area at 'Cities Against COVID-19 Global Summit 2020' by Seoul City
    • Sep
      • Selected as executing organization to conduct the ‘AI Learning Data Construction Project’ by the Ministry of Science and ICT
  • 2019
    • Mar
      • Partnership made with Yonsei Univ. Health System
    • Apr
      • Selected by Ministry of Science and ICT for AI-based emergency care system development
      • Partnership made with Cleveland Clinic
    • May
      • 7 Papers Accepted to ICMl 2019
    • June
      • Selected for Drug Development platform project assignment by the Ministry of Science and ICT
    • Aug
      • Top 12 at Intel FPGA Innovation Global Competition and selected for Intel AI builders program
    • Sep
      • Partnership made with Dong-A Univ. Hospital
    • Nov
      • Selected as a Korea-UK Tech Rocketship Awards finalist
  • 2018
    • Feb
      • Selected for TIPS program that developing future promising start-up
    • July
      • 3 Papers Accepted to ICMl 2018
    • Nov
      • The highest record in Korea by publishing 7 Papers to NeurIPS 2018
  • 2017
    • June
      • USD 1.5M Seed funding raised
    • July
      • Selected for eXplainable Artificial Intelligence(XAI) national project assignment
      • 4 Papers Accepted to ICMl 2017
    • Oct
      • Grants ‘Development of a machine learning model to identify the pathogenesis of super bacteria’ from Samsung Science & Technology Foundation
  • 2016
    • Nov
      • AITRICS founded

Our Leadership

    Scientific Advisors

    • Yanwei Fu, Ph.D.
      • Assistant professor at the School of Data Science, Fudan University, Shanghai China
      • Ph.D. at Queen Mary University of London and postdoctoral researcher at Disney Research Pittsburgh
      • Major Research Area : zero-shot/one-shot Learning, life-long Learning, open set recognition, sketch-based image retrieval/editing
    • Jinwoo Shin, Ph.D.
      • Associate professor at the School of Electrical Engineering at KAIST, Korea
      • FMR) IBM T.J. Watson Research
      • Ph.D. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and B.S. at Seoul National University
      • Major Research Area : Machine Learning, Algorithm
    • Juho Lee, Ph.D.
      • Assistant professor at the graduate school of AI, KAIST, Korea
      • Ph.D. at POSTECH and postdoc at computational statistics and machine learning group in University of Oxford
      • Major Research Area : Bayesian nonparametric models, Bayesian deep learning
    • Taehyun Hwang, Ph.D.
      • Assistant Professor & Leading Machine Learning and Bioinformatics Research, Cleveland Clinic
      • Ph.D. at University of Minnesota Twin Cities and B.E. at Inha University, Korea
      • Major Research Area : Machine Learning and Deep Learning, AI and ML platforms leveraging EHR, Precision Oncology and Immuno-Oncology

    Partners &

    • Postech
    • Kaist
    • Unist
    • Korea University
    • Intel
    • Nvidia
    • Microsoft
    • Oracle
    • Seoul City
    • Tip Abu Dhabi
    • G3 Partners
    • Dream Plus
    • Cleveland Clinic
    • National Cancer Center
    • Manchester NHS
    • Asan Medical Center
    • National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hospital
    • Ewha womans university
    • animuscure
    • hpe
    • ge
    • kb
    • juego
    • shoot-for-love

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