AITRICS advanced IR presentation at 'CAC Global Summit 2020'


AITRICS was selected as the final innovative company for the CAC Global Summit 2020' and advanced IR presentation on June 5th. With the theme of 'Cities Against Covid-19 Global Summit 2020: Together We Stand' at the CAC Global Summit, experts from around the world shared their experiences with COVID-19 and discussed the countermeasure future. Seoul City introduced 20 innovative companies in the biomedical and Untact fields, including IT-based Untact companies, such as medical and medical device companies, and fully support investment attraction. The world is currently going through difficult times with COVID-19. Although all countries are striving to combat the virus by mobilizing all quarantine and IT technologies, it is not easy to eradicate the virus due to its strong contagion and asymptomatic. Untact-related services using advanced technologies such as AI and IoT are emerging to prepare for the era of "Post COVID," and interest in "Remote Medical Service" using AI technology is also increasing. AITRICS introduced 'VitalCare,' a developed independently algorithm-based medical software at IR presentation. Due to the ever-increasing number of coronavirus infections, hospital beds and medical staff are extremely short. VitalCare, which increases hospital resources' efficiency and significantly lowers patients' mortality rate by predicting emergencies in advance, has received much attention from overseas VCs. VitalCare is expected to become a necessary platform in the post-corona era by expanding the predicted diseases, including Acute Kidney Injury, including sepsis and death, which are currently predicted. IR Manager of AITRICS Younji Yoo said “We are pleased to introduce AITRICS' VitalCare to more countries through the CAC Global Summit. AI technology will provide tremendous value in responding to Next Normal in the post-corona era. We hope that through vital care, medical staff will utilize hospital resources efficiently and reduce deaths that can be prevented by proactive treatment. AITRICS will continue to find areas where our AI technology can contribute to a better tomorrow.” You can find IR presentation videos of 22 innovative companies through Seoul City's YouTube channel.