AITRICS participated in 'Microsoft Startup Program'


AITRICS was selected as the final company of the 'Microsoft Startups Program.' The program conducted by Microsoft Korea for tech-based startups discovers promising domestic startups with technical skills and actively supports entry into overseas markets and attracting investment. It provides startups with opportunities to collaborate with top domestic and foreign partners and transform their businesses. AITRICS introduced its risk prediction solution 'VitalCare' for In-hospital emergency and AI technology applied to the product. We proved its technology in the healthcare field through a Deep-Learning model that shows the patient's risk in time series and an explainable AI that can reveal the cause of the pathogenesis. AITRICS will receive necessary licenses from startups such as Office 365, GitHub Enterprise, as well as consulting on entering overseas markets, venture capital meetings, corporate promotion, and joint sales opportunities. We made it available for use in our products by receiving 'Microsoft Azure' credit. AITRICS plans to develop and upgrade AI source technologies such as ▲ 'Uncertify modeling' to prevent overconfidence in neural networks ▲ 'Domain adaptation' to solve the data shortage problem through knowledge transfer. Not only will it be used for VitalCare, but it will also continue to expand its scope by discovering areas that require unique technologies. “We will try our best,” said Jinkyu Yoo, CEO, and co-founder of AITRICS, “to innovate in various fields by leaping into a global company specializing in artificial intelligence.” He also mentioned, “Leveraging Microsoft Azure, we can achieve scalability in terms of service and improve model learning efficiency. It is expected that it will secure the competitive edge of companies that lead the artificial intelligence industry by strengthening the capabilities of AITRICS through this program.”