AITRICS participated in AI Expo Korea 2020


AITRICS participated in 'AI EXPO KOREA 2020' held at Coex, Seoul in September and presented 'VitalCare,' a hospital emergency prediction solution, and 'Drug Discovery Solution,' based on its artificial intelligence technology. Solutions to accelerate the initial stage of drug discovery, Drug Discovery Drug Discovery, a project initiated by AITRICS in 2020, is a solution that significantly reduces the time and economic costs required for various processes of drug discovery. The virtual screening solution applying AITRICS's Bayesian Deep Learning algorithm improved the success rate of discovering hit compounds and suggested a method to optimize Lead molecules through Scaffold-based generation. We advance the AI model that suggests the drug synthesis process to build a solution that can accelerate the entire process of new drug development - ▲ Target identification ▲ Hit discovery ▲ Lead optimization ▲ Retrosynthesis - and cover the whole initial stage of drug discovery. AITRICS is currently discussing partnerships with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies based on the solution. In-hospital emergency prediction solution, VitalCare VitalCare is AI-based software that uses Electronic Medical Record (EMR) real-time monitoring of patients to detect the possibility of developing sepsis in hospitals at an early stage and significantly reduce mortality. By considering the correlation between variables through advanced AI technology and providing accurate sepsis prediction scores, we have overcome the limitations of conventional evaluation tools that have been difficult to treat on time. VitalCare enables patient engagement within 'Golden Hours' and helps optimize resource management in the hospital. AITRICS has completed the recent KGMP certification of medical devices and is preparing for prospective and retrospective clinical trials through MOU with top domestic hospitals. Afterward, we focus on entering the domestic medical device market by completing obtaining permission to manufacture medical devices.