AITRICS selected as executing organization to conduct the data construction project for AI learning


AITRICS has been selected as executing organization for the '2020 Data Construction Project for AI learning' project organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National Information Society Agency. The data construction project for AI learning is part of the Digital New Deal project to lead digital transformation through the construction of 'Data Dam.' This will create jobs and build a virtuous cycle of D.N.A. (Data-Network-Artificial Intelligence) by establishing high-quality data on a large scale and opening data to various technologies and services. AITRICS is an executing organization in the field of body cancer, where a total of 5.8 billion won in government support will be invested. Therefore, we will establish learning data for three diseases of lung cancer/thyroid cancer/breast cancer with medical and participating institutions. AITRICS is responsible for task generalization, thyroid cancer AI modeling and validation, and development of body cancer application software. This project aims to build a body cancer imaging diagnostic image dataset. AITRICS will purify through an anonymization and data labeling process by extracting high-quality images to achieve the goal. Afterward, we plan to build safe data that can be used for artificial intelligence learning by verifying data quality through internal/external cross-validation. It is also expected to enhance data utilization and vitalize the ecosystem by developing medical AI models and services. “We are pleased to participate in meaningful projects such as the government's Digital New Deal, which aims to revitalize the industry by establishing high-quality and large-scale data. As of yet, it is challenging to secure data in the medical field, and access is limited, so the ecosystem is not active compared to other areas. AITRICS contributes to improve the overall quality of medical care and increase the efficiency of resources based on the AI technology and medical know-how that we have accumulated so far.” said Jinkyu Yoo, CEO, and co-founder of AITRICS