AITRICS participated in Korea's Largest Startup Conference 'Come Up 2020'


AITRICS participated in the 'GLOBAL STARTUP FESTIVAL COMEUP 2020', the largest startup conference in Korea, as the final 7 companies in the 'Rocket League - Digital Healthcare Field.' ComeUp, the largest startup conference in Korea, is a networking event that introduces startups with high growth potential to society and strengthens exchange and cooperation in the ecosystem. It was conducted online with the slogan 'Meet the Future-Post Pandemic' to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and become a standard model for global startup events in the UNTACT era. 1,076 startups from 89 countries around the world applied for the 'COMEUP STARS,' which selects 120 domestic and foreign companies to lead the startup ecosystem, recording a 9-1 competition rate. AITRICS was selected as the digital healthcare company of the Rocket League. AITRICS introduced 'VitalCare,' a medical software that predicts emergencies such as sepsis and death in hospitals, at 'ComeUp 2020.' This overcomes the limitations of existing evaluation tools and improves the hospital's operational efficiency and patient survival rate by providing high accuracy prediction scores and grounds. After completing the KGMP certification in May this year, it has signed a partnership with top-tier hospitals to conduct joint clinical research. “It is of great significance,” said Jinkyu Yoo, CEO, and co-founder of AITRICS, “to being selected as the final company of the global startup conference and being recognized for its technology and growth potential.” He also mentioned, “At this opportunity, we could spread our business and lay the foundation for expanding to the world stage beyond Korea through intercourses with investment institutions and industry officials in various countries. We will strive for continuous R&D to change the medical system's paradigm through advanced AI technology.”