AITRICS to Announce AI-Based Patient Stage Change Prediction Solution at HIMSS 2022 - Laying the Groundwork for North American Market Entry



Monday, March 14, 2022 - AITRICS(CEO Yoo Jin-kyu), a company specializing in artificial intelligence, said it will participate in the world's largest Healthcare Information and management Systems Society(HIMSS) to introduce artificial intelligence software products that help diagnose patients by predicting worsening conditions. HIMSS is composed of 110,000 medical and related industry and academic officials internationally to exchange the latest technical information of the medical information management system and present the direction of development. The event will be attended by about 1,000 companies from multinational global IT and healthcare companies to promising start-ups. Vitalcare, the first patient condition prediction program introduced in the global market, is a monitoring solution that applies deep learning to patients' electronic medical records (EMR). it is possible to improve the safety of patients by timely detecting risk factors in various environments in the hospital. Byung eun Ahn, Head of Medical AI said "The solution developed by our unique AI technology has been partnered with leading hospitals at home and abroad and is conducting joint research" and "this HIMSS exhibition will be a cornerstone for expanding into a global medical environment" Vitalcare, AITRICS's diagnostic assisted AI software, is currently conducting joint research at five core hospitals both at home and abroad. It is aiming to approve domestic approval and FDA in the second half of this year and it is expected to be enter overseas market. For more information about the event is available at HIMSS2022 AITRICS Booth (