AITRICS-JEUGO to Sign a Partnership



[May 24, 2022] A company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, AITRICS (CEO Kwang joon Kim and Jin-kyu Yoo) and Huego (JUEGO) which is an e-sports business agency announced on the 24th that it had signed a partnership. With this opportunity, the two companies plan to establish and implement comprehensive strategies in the fields of e-sports and entertainment and cooperate to expand the scope of content production and utilization using AITRICS's virtual human production technology, 'Warping'. 'Warping' developed by AITRICS is an AI technology that creates virtual characters in a world without virtual boundaries and creates new values. The technology is attracting attention as a breakthrough AI solution that can support various activities which can not be participated in schedule and condition management of various sports players, artists and influencers. With the signing of the partnership between the two companies, all sports teams under JUEGO's brand "CNJ e-Sports" will wear uniforms with the logo of 'AITRICS' and 'Warping' on their right shoulders. In addition, it will present a new standard to the entertainment industry such as e-sports by reflecting Warping's solution to various marketing projects including streaming broadcasting. Kwang joon Kim, CEO of AITRICS said, "Technology that reflects AI is recently leading innovation in various industries such as e-sports. As a leader in AI technology, AITRICS will continue to try to establish itself in various fields through R&D." CEO of JUEGO Jip Cho said "Recently, CNJ e-sports signed a naming sponsorship with Daejeon Hana Citizen, who participates in the K League 2, and is actively working as Daejeon Hana CNJ. JUEGO will do its best to present various issues to the domestic e-sports industry, which is growing as cultural content." Meanwhile, AITRICS's warping technology has recently become a hot topic as AI Woni (a virtual human of former soccer player Won-hee Cho), which used the technology on the famous soccer YouTube channel 'Shoot For Love'.