AITRICS sucessfully ended K-Hospital 2022



Introducing VitalCare, an early prediction solution for emergency situations in hospitals Kwang-joon Kim, CEO of AITRICS paticipating in as a speaker at the 'K-Digital Healthcare Summit' [October 4, 2022] AITRICS (CEO Kwang joon Kim, Jin-gyu Yoo), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, announced on the 4th that they has successfully ended the K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022(KHF 2022) held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul from September 29 to October 1. At the KHF 2022 event, which was held under the theme of "Digital Healthcare Era, Changes in Medical Paradigm," AITRICS introduced its products(AITRICS-VC, VitalCare) which is an emergency prediction solution in hospitals, and created an opportunity to further strengthen its business cooperation network. On the 30th, the second day of the event, Kwang-joon Kim, CEO of AITRICS (Geriatrics at Serverance Hospital), participated as a speaker at the 1st K-Digital Healthcare Summit organized by the Korea Hospital Association and the Future Healthcare Committee. At the summit, CEO Kim introduced the current trend of digitization of the hospital system and emphasized medical efficiency through digital healthcare. Kwang-joon Kim, CEO of AITRICS said "We were able to confirm that the interest and importance of digital healthcare has increased further since the COVID-19 pandemic at KHF 2022, and with various digital healthcare solution technologies combining AI and big data being introduced, AITRICS stands out in the field of bio-signals that are difficult to handle." and he emphasized that through the 'VitalCare', a hospital emergency prediction solution, the company will strive to improve work efficiency for medical staff and provide better medical services to patients. Meanwhile, AITRICS is currently undergoing simultaneous evaluation of the approval of MFDS, reimbursement, and new health technology assessment, and FDA approval is also underway.