MFDS to Approve AITRICS's Emergency Prediction Solution 'VitalCare'



In addition to predicting cardiac arrest, proving the predictive performance of sepsis, death, and intensive care unit for the first time in Korea [October 27, 2022] AITRICS (CEO Kwang joon Kim, Jin-gyu Yoo), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology announced on the 27th that it obtained permission from the MFDS for AITRICS-VC(VitalCare), an artificial intelligence software that helps diagnose patients by predicting their condition deterioration. VitalCare is an artificial intelligence monitoring solution that predicts the risk of death within 6 hours of intensive care patients, death within 6 hours of general ward patients, unexpected intensive care units, cardiac arrest, and sepsis within 4 hours based on 6 biological signals, 11 hematological tests, and other patient information. In particular, VitalCare was the only one in Korea to obtain permission by proving the predictive performance of sepsis, death, and unexpected intensive care units in general wards and the predictive performance of death in intensive care units. Until now, there has been a high demand for unmet monitoring technology in the clinical field to help medical staff prepare to respond to the situation by predicting risk factors in advance before a specific emergency occurs to patients in the intensive care unit as well as in general wards in the hospital.Vitalcare was not only predictable for condition deterioration in intensive care units and general wards, but also showed accurate prediction scores for indications. Byung eun Ahn, Head of Medical AI said "VitalCare is the first medical device product in Korea that is the first innovative medical device that can be used in both general wards and intensive care units. VitalCare is currently working with the Cleveland Clinic, a North American general hospital, to obtain Explainable AI (XAI) through external validation, and some of the functions are currently under FDA approval." And he added "We will continue to work on the patient's treatment journey through advanced medical services and solidify our position in the field of medical artificial intelligence through solid research and development."