AITRICS Held a Press Conference for the Launch of 'VitalCare', an AI Solution for predicting Patient Deterioration



[December 7, 2022] AITRICS (CEO Kwang joon Kim, Jin-gyu Yoo), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology held a press conference at the Lescape Hotel in Seoul on the 7th under the theme of 'New Pathways of Healthcare' to commemorate the launch of 'AITRICS-VC', an articifial intelligence software that helps diagnose patients through predicting condition deterioration. VitalCare was approved by MFDS on October 26th as an artificial intelligence monitoring solution that predicts the risk of death within 6 hours of intensive care patients, death within 6 hours of general ward patients, unexpected intensive care units, cardiac arrest, and sepsis within 4 hours. In particular, VitalCare proved the predictive performance of sepsis, death, and unexpected intensive care unit in general wards for the first and only time in Korea, and the predictive performance of mortality in intensive care units. At this conference, Kyung-soo Jeong, a professor of respiratory medicine at Severance Hospital, who participated in the development of VitalCare, introduced the importance of early prediction of patient conditions from the perspective of medical staff and the significance of approval of VitalCare. Professor Jeong said, "It takes a considerable amount of experience and a lot of medical personnel to find and treat serious patients in a timely manner.In particular, there was a high demand for unmet needs in the clinical field for monitoring technology to help medical staff prepare for the situation by predicting risk factors before a specific emergency occurs. "VitalCare of AITRICS is expected to provide medical staff in the hospital with time to predict the occurrence of patients, and to improve work efficiency by allocating appropriate medical resources." In the second session, Byung eun Ahn, Head of Medical AI Division introduced the clinical benefits and value of VitalCare. According to the results of three clinical trials that were the basis for VitalCare's approval of the MFDS, acute severe events (death, intensive care unit, cardiac arrest), sepsis, and death prediction accuracy (AUROC) in the intensive care unit were 0.96, 0.87, and 0.98, respectively. Ahn said, "VitalCare is designed to improve the survival rate of patients by making quicker and more efficient decisions by medical staff in the medical field.In particular, VitalCare has a great advantage in that it has built a user-friendly interface considering user convenience first". And he added "AITRICS will continue to carry out various research and development to enhance the performance of VitalCare and expand the ward, based on the approval of the MFDS." Kwang-joon Kim, CEO of AITRICS said, "AITRICS's excellent biometric technology has already proven its excellence through partnerships and joint research with many universities and hospitals at home and abroad," adding, "AITRICS which is leading medical artificial intelligence technology, will continue to do its best to improve treatment and work efficiency for patients." Meanwhile, AITRICS is also in the process of New Health Technology Assessment and FDA approval.