AITRICS-VC was Designated as conditional nHTA(new Health Technology Assessment) for Earlier Adoption in Clinical Environment


[January 16, 2023] AITRICS (CEO Kwang joon Kim, Jin-gyu Yoo), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology announced on 16th that AITRICS-VC has been approved as Postponement of New health technology assessment by NECA. System for postponement of new health technology assessment can be used as non-reimbursement at the clinical site by delaying the evaluation of new medical technology only for medical devices approved by MFDS, and can provide clinical evidence during the period. The selected technology predicts the risk of death within 6 hours of intensive care patients, death within 6 hours of general ward patients, unexpected intensive care units, cardiac arrest, and sepsis within 4 hours. AITRICS-VC is a medical artificial intelligence software that early predicts the risk of emergency situations by monitoring the patient's condition in the hospital in real time. Until now, there has been a high demand for unmet monitoring technologies that help hospital medical staff predict specific emergency situations of patients and take preemptive responses. The introduction of the solution is expected to enable medical staff to efficiently perform their duties in intensive care units and general wards, while increasing the possibility of treatment for patients. AITRICS-VC proved the predictive performance of sepsis, death, and unexpected intensive care unit in general wards for the first and only time in Korea, and the predictive performance of mortality in intensive care units. Also it was approved by the MFDS in October 2022 based on the results of three confirmed clinical trials conducted in July, and was designated as the 27th innovative medical device in December in recognition of its innovation based on medical value, numerous research papers, and patents. Kwang-joon Kim, CEO of AITRICS said, "We are delighted to have achieved a remarkable achievement in a month after the selection of innovative medical devices in December of last year. AITRICS-VC's entry into the non-reimbursement market is expected to improve the efficiency of hospital resources by delivering accurate information to various environments such as general wards and intensive care units," adding "Under the decision, AITRICS will make full-fledged efforts to expand the influence of AITRICS-VC in the domestic market and accumulate clinical evidence for the entry of reimbursement." Meanwhile, AITRICS is continuing its research and development to upgrade the performance of AITRICS-VC and expand the ward. In the future,it plans to carry out various certifications to recognize the value and technology of companies such as innovative medical device software manufacturing companies and innovative medical device companies.