'AITRICS-VC' to Enter the Non-reimbursement Market from March 1st Following the Revision of the MOHW


[February 3, 2023] AITRICS (CEO Kwang joon Kim, Jin-gyu Yoo), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology announced on 3th that AITRICS-VC will enter the non-reimbursement market from March 1st following the revision of the MOHW. According to the MOHW's Notice No. 2022-239, the period for Postponement of New health technology assessment of AITRICS-VC is from March 1, 2023 to February 28, 2025. AITRICS-VC can be used in medical clinical sites for about three years, including a grace period (2 years) and a period of new medical technology evaluation (up to 250 days), according to the "Rules on New Medical Technology Evaluation" promulgated by the MOHW in January 2022. From March 1, hospitals that have introduced AITRICS-VC can claim non-benefit depending on the patient's consent for risk monitoring of acute severe events (death, unexpected move to ICU in general wards, cardiac arrest) that may occur within 6 hours ▲sepsis that may occur within 4 hours in general wards ▲death that may accur within 6 hours in ICU. AITRICS-VC analyzes not only biological signals, but also 19 data such as blood test results, consciousness, and age of patients to predict acute severe events (death, unexpected move to ICU in general wards, cardiac arrest) sepsis in the general ward and death in the intensive care unit. In particular, AITRICS-VC is the first and only in Korea to demonstrate predictive performance for sepsis, death, andunexpected move to ICU in general wards and predictive performance for deaths in intensive care units. Kwang-joon Kim, CEO of AITRICS said, "The introduction of AITRICS-VC in hospitals is expected to help save patients' lives through proactive response of medical staff by predicting various emergencies such as sepsis and death at the medical site, adding "In the future, AITRICS will make efforts to accumulate clinical evidence for entry of health insurance and strengthen its position in the vital-sign field." Meanwhile, The MOHW notice (No. 2023-25) can be found on the Ministry of Health and Welfare website (www.mohw.go.kr) [Information > Laws > Directive/Regulations/Notices/Guidelines].