Era of Emergency Prediction based on Medical AI Technology



Korea’s First Sepsis Prediction on Top of VitalCare, Cardiac Arrest Prediction AI Chatbot ‘Chat GPT’ is garnering attention, and the medical field is no exception. As AI technology plays a bigger role in the field of healthcare, medical AI technology is also growing at a very fast pace in Korea. AITRICS, specializing in medical AI is under the limelight in the field of vital signs based on its excellent AI technology-based. After the emergency prediction solution ‘AITRICS-VC(VitalCare)’ introduced by AITRICS(CEO KIM Kwangjoon, YOO Jinkyu) received approval by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in October, 2022, the company has made numerous achievements and is garnering attention in the field of medical AI. In just two months since the approval, VitalCare has been acknowledged for its innovation based on clinical performances, numerous research papers and patents in December 2022. This has helped the product to be named as No. 27 Innovative Medical Device designated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. In January, it has been approved for new medical technology evaluation probation by the Korean National Evidence-based Healthcare Collaborating Agency(NECA), and it has been used for medical clinical sites with non-benefits from March. Likewise, it has shown rapid development in just five months after approval. AITRICS was able to make such great achievements in a short period of time thanks to Vital Care’s excellent clinical performance. ■ Only Prover of Early Prediction of Sepsis, Acute Major Diseases in Korea VitalCare, a medical AI software that can monitor realtime the status of patients in hospitals to provide early prediction of emergencies, helps with the following: △prediction of acute major incidences (death, transition to intensive care unit, cardiac arrest) that can occur within 6 hours in general hospital wards, △prediction of Sepsis that can occur within 4 hours at general hospital wards, △prediction of death probabilities that can occur within 6 hours at intensive care units. In particular, Sepsis, considered one of the top ten causes of death in Korea, is a disease that causes systemic inflammatory reactions due to infection, causing major organ dysfunction, in case when no quick action is taken. Therefore, it is important to take prompt action. VitalCare was the first device in Korea and is the only product that predicts the risk of sepsis within 4 hours of patients in general wards. VitalCare’s ‘first’ title does not end here. It was the first and only device in Korea to prove the predictive performance of deaths in general wards, unexpected transition to intensive care units, and the prediction of the occurrence of deaths in intensive care units. In addition, it has the advantage of increasing clinical site efficiency by establishing a user-friendly interface and improving reliability of results by providing interpretable grounds for prediction results. Based on this, VitalCare helps enable medical professionals to carry out work in a more efficient manner while providing better healthcare services for patients. ■ Risk Analysis Utilizing 19 Types of Data at EMR… Striving to Expand Efficacy and Application VitalCare uses 19 data from the patient’s various electronic medical records(EMRs) to provide early prediction of the risk of acute diseases. Just by entering five vital signs, it is possible to derive significant results with a prediction accuracy(AUROC) of 0.8 or higher. Meanwhile, AITRICS is accelerating research and development to secure necessary clinical values in the medical field and to upgrade its products. Currently, the company is undergoing various studies to expand the efficacy of Vital Care, and going forward, AITRICS also plans to expand its scope in the emergency room (ER), moving beyond general wards and intensive care units. Going to see the English ver. of Press Release >>