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life at AITRICS

    Who We are

    • Team Player

      AITRICS works together. We respect each other and their thoughts. We constantly communicate, share and move toward our goals together. Useful information and reasonable feedback are how we make improvements.

    • Self Leader

      Each and every member of AITRICS is an expert. We actively seek out what we can contribute and take the initiative. We equate personal growth with the growth of the company and value every attempt. Besides, we prioritize work and maintain high performance through choice and focus. We always get up again and develop by solving problems ourselves.

    • Game Changer

      AITRICS actively looks for the existing issues. We continuously strive to give better solutions through utilizing our incomparable technology. When we find the problems, we constantly throw ourselves questions to figure out the next step.

    Life at AITRICS

    • Flexible Work Environment

      To improve individuals' work efficiency, we freely make an adjustment on times and places.

    • Lateral Communication

      We prefer calling each other’s english names to keep horizontal relationships.

    • All-hands Meeting

      Through All-hands Meeting once in a month, we take our time to keep posted on updates.

    • Feedback Session

      Set the work priorities through OKR, and make progress through feedback regularly.

    Life at AITRICS


    1. 1

      Employees and company
      grow together

      Funds for self-development, Books, Top-end equipment, Seminar & conference attendance

    2. 2

      Boost Creativity
      outside the office

      Come out and have fun at our monthly Tric-Day(cultural day), team activities,
      Quarterly events, Use your personal leaves whenever and however long you want

    3. 3

      Help yourself

      Provide snacks and drinks, lunch and dinner are on us,
      everyone will be given a corporate card.

    4. 4

      Rewards for
      your hard work

      Provide stock options, Alternative leave, Congratulations and condolences vacation and wreaths,
      Rest lounge in the company, additional leave for long service

    5. 5

      Your health is
      our priority

      Annual official leave for medical checkup,
      Shortened working hours for expectant mothers, Childcare leave

    Open Positions

      AITRICS is
      waiting for your applying

      Even if you don't have a job to apply for right now,
      Don't miss out on the news posted through Linkedin!