Back-end Developer


AITRCS is a professional startup of artificial intelligence technology, composed of the best machine learning R & D members. We are developing innovative source technologies and products intending to provide safe and reliable machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.

AITRICS challenges every day to solve humankind's most critical issues. In particular, various AI technologies, including the 'Uncertainty-aware Attention mechanism' developed by AITRICS, have found and resolve a fatal defect of AI, such as eliminating the 'black box phenomenon.' We would like to improve AI algorithms' understanding and reliability and broaden the boundaries of AI.

In the first step, AITRICS changed the paradigm by solving various medical field problems, which require a high level of reliability and unmistakable evidence through our advanced machine learning technology. Applying this technology, we have achieved the results of developing software for the early prediction of emergencies in hospitals, VitalCare, and a solution for drug discovery based on artificial intelligence.

Based on its excellent technical capabilities and potential, AITRICS has attracted an 8 million dollars Series A investment and received significant attention from the industry. We have a partnership with major domestic and foreign hospitals and leading companies to collaborate. AITRICS is to solve problems in various fields and continuously innovate many industries based on excellent technological capabilities.

Technology Stacks


  • Language: python, golang Python
  • Framework: Django, Bottle


  • Language : HTML, Javascript(Typescript), CSS(Sass)
  • Library/Framework : React(Next.js), Vue(Nuxt.js), Rx.js, D3(Observablehq), Jest, webpack, storybook
  • Deployment : Vercel, Docker, Actions(github)


  • AWS : EC2, ECR, S3, RDS, ElasticCache, Codebuild, EKS
  • Docker Service as code : Terraform


  • Language: python, golang Python
  • Framework: Django, Bottle

[Collaboration Tool]

  • Github, Confluence, Slack, Trello


  • Back-end development of medical artificial intelligence services
  • Build a platform/infrastructure for healthcare data management and services

Basic Qualifications

  • Over 3 years of back-end working experience
  • Those who enjoy learning and applying new skills
  • Ability to understand and implement RESTful API servers
  • Experience in using Unix-based OS/Linux
  • Experience in using python-based web frameworks such as django, bottle, and sanic

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • 5 years of working experience or equivalent competence
  • Awarded for algorithm competition or hacking competition
  • Understanding of Cloud Platform such as AWS
  • Interest in medical/machine learning or experience in related projects
  • Share the concerns in various fields such as data security/processing, infrastructure design, service planning/design, etc.

Additional Requirement

  • Experience with RDB (MySQL, PostgreSQL) or NoSQL (Redis, Couchbase)
  • Experience in using various machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and MXNet
  • Experience related to containerization / orchestration such as Docker, k8s, etc.
  • Other technologies: golang, terraform, vault, spark, etc.