Team Members

Business Management Division

Wonjoong Paek,

Head of BM Division

I am a generalist who is interested in the relationship between IT technology and industry. I support colleagues so that they can do their job well.


Haein Lee,

Finance Lead

In the Finance team, I aim to create reliable data and efficient financial operations.


Jun Phang,

GA Manager

I am in charge of general affairs and purchasing at AITRICS. As a charge of this position, I am supporting colleagues to enhance work efficiency in each department & position's perspective.


Seoeun Choi,

HR & GA Lead

I support our employees achieve maximum results while having fun working.


Medical AI Division

Heejung Hyun,


As a researcher, I am trying to create a splendid model that understands and meets the medical field's unmet needs.


Sangchul Hahn,

Research Lead

I am developing a medical AI model, currently mainly working on improving models that predict hospitalized patients' conditions. I would like to create a model that can help save patients' lives by applying the latest AI technologies to the medical field.


Suji Lee,

QA/RA Lead

I am in charge of AITRICS' healthcare product licensing/GMP/insurance and examine regulations. The role is to check whether the product is well made and used within the prescribed norms. I'm working hard to build the foundation for AITRICS's products to go far both domestically and abroad.


Yechan Mun,


I work as a machine learning engineer. I am striving to develop technologies that are helpful to patients and many in the medical industry. It is gratifying to achieve outstanding results by applying various machine learning researches I have studied to the product.


Byeongeun Ahn,

Head of MAI Division

Responsible for Medical AI team. We intend to provide practical value to patients, doctors, and society in the medical industry by using ML/DL.


Kwanhyung Lee,


I am currently working as an AI researcher. I am interested in AI models based on various acoustic signal data types including heart sound, electrocardiogram, brain waves, speech, ultrasound, etc.


Dongyeop Kim,

QA/RA Manager

QA/RA Manager specialized in SaMD/AI-MD. Apply SW engineering and AI engineering to the traditional medical device quality management system. Catch all three rabbits: development speed, quality, and regulation.


Jihyeok Hong,

BD Manager

BD Manager of Medical AI Division. In charge of product planning and external communication to provide new value for the customer.


Kibyung Lee,

Medical Affairs Manager

I am a physician who majored in infectious diseases. Problems in clinical fields, including intensive care units, are often difficult to solve even with advances in medicine. I am interested in deliberating about and solving such unmet needs together with data science and medical AI.


AI Division

Dongchan Min,

Virtual Human Lead

Responsible for Virtual Human team. We intend to create and deliver new values to customers by using AI Virtual Human generative techonologies.


Wonyong Jeong,

ML Platform Lead

I am building the ML platform that automates machine learning lifecycle from data processing to model deployment. My goal is to provide a service for everyone with large-scale distributed ML systems utilizing AutoML and Federated Learning technology.


Drug Discovery

Hanseok Jo,


Researching effective and efficient drug discovery AI.


Kernyu Park,


Using resources within the Biology domain, I am working on discovering biomarkers that can be targeted for drugs. I would like to provide a diagnostic process that will help both patients and physicians.


Jaeyoung Kim,

Drug Discovery Lead

As a drug discovery leader, I support our colleagues to develop new drugs well based on pharmaceutical-related experience.


Erkhembayar Jadamba,


I use artificial intelligence on biomedical resources (drug, target, disease) to create new drugs and medicines. Specific research interest is to utilize graph learning and graph generation from genomics to personalized drug design.


Hyunsoo Kim,


I am conducting research in drug discovery based on my industrial and experimental experiences. My goal is to utilize AI to create new drugs.